Yangshuo Nightlife

All along West Street (Xi Jie) are dozens of bars, cafes and bistros each with its own style. Almost half of them are run by foreigners, mainly from Germany, the US and Singapore. After dinner, they become loud, wild drinking holes good for meeting fellow travelers. Some young people spend their time in bars because they like the loud atmosphere. Other people enjoy the Liusanjie show in the evening.

Pub in West Street – Yangshuo Nightlife

Another enjoyable evening activity is to hire a motorboat for about 60 RMB per person to watch cormorant fishermen at work. The fishermen take their seabirds out to hunt fish at night, generally setting off at 8:00 pm and fishing until 2:00 am. For an hour-and-a-half, tour boats will putter along the fisherman's bamboo rafts so tourists can watch cormorants dive for fish. Many foreigners choose to take a boat ride on the Li River in the evening for its beauty and solitude.

Cormorant Fish performance – Yangshuo Nightlife

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