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Yangshuo Restaurants

After a day of touring, foreign tourists usually go to Xi Jie Road, one of Yangshuo's main streets. An endless number of western restaurants line Yangshuo's "foreigner's street." Foreigners like to seek Chinese food here, but there is a variety of options from western restaurants serving pizza, omelets, and Mexican food to Japanese food and westernized Chinese food. Yangshuo's restaurants have adopted western dining options. For breakfast you can find French toast, ham and eggs and other standard items.

Beer Fish – Yangshuo RestaurantsPlease refer to the following recommended restaurants:

MeiYou Café
"Mei you" is Chinese for "don't have." This restaurant claims they "mei you" warm beer, bad food, bad service, high prices, and other things that are undesirable in restaurants.
Add: 80 West Street
Tel: +86 0773 8821167

Anne's' Art Café
With first-class quality, affordable prices and delicious food, this restaurant is enjoyable for your stomach and eyes.
Add: 48 West Street
Tel: +86 0773 8820252

Minnie Mao's Café
Minnie Mao's is one of the oldest cafes in town. Popular with the local people for its hospitality and first-class food, Minnie's has made a name near and far.

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