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Yangshuo Shopping

Local Market in West Street – Yangshuo ShoppingYangshuo is just a small county, so you won't find international supermarkets here, but there are several smaller scale supermarkets that have good quality and reasonable prices, such as Ninety-nine Supermarket and Lele Lai Supermarket. If you want to buy some colorful gifts, Yangshuo is an ideal place to satisfy your shopping desires. At the weekend market in Yangshuo, you can find many delicate handicrafts, nice souvenirs and good quality clothing.

There are three well-known handicrafts from this region: Zhuang embroidery and painted fans. Zhuang embroidery has many different styles made out of silk, most featuring different animals and special colors. The fans are available in various sizes but all are made of either silk or paper with bamboo supports. Painted fans undergo a series of processes including dyeing, mounting and painting with lacquer before they are ready for retail. Local painters in Yangshuo cater to foreign tastes, depicting birds, flowers, insects and traditional Chinese girls.

Another enjoyable evening activity is to hire a motorboat for about 60 RMB per person to watch cormorant fishermen at work. The fishermen take their seabirds out to hunt fish at night, generally setting off at 8:00 pm and fishing until 2:00 am. For an hour-and-a-half, tour boats will putter along the fisherman's bamboo rafts so tourists can watch cormorants dive for fish. Many foreigners choose to take a boat ride on the Li River in the evening for its beauty and solitude.

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