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Yangshuo Attractions

Li River

Li RiverThe Li River (Lijiang) scenic area, totaling 83 km. in length, is situated in Guilin City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Hanyu vividly described the enchanting beauty of the Lijiang River in his poem: The River looks like a blue silk ribbon, and the mountains resemble emerald hairpins."The Li River is famous for its beauty of four unique: verdant mountains, fragrant waters, mysterious grottoes, and exquisite rocks. Along the river, there are deep pools, dangerous shoals, murmuring springs, and roaring waterfalls. Going downstream in a tourist boat, one can enjoy spectacular views of crowded towering peaks along the riverbanks, waterfalls suspending over forests of rocks, and their crashing sprays upon jutting rocks.

Fishing Village

Fishing VillageDuring the boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, travelers often stop near the halfway point to visit the famous "Fish Village". From the start, visitors notice the authentic and well-preserved structures, which reflect a way of life that has continued for nearly 500 years. What is striking as well is that this is not a museum; locals still eat, sleep, and work out their lives there.Historically, the village has enjoyed its moments. Kang Youwei, a Qing Dynasty reformist, publicized his progressive ideas of reform there. Sun Yat Sun visited Fish Village when he made preparations for the war against the warlords of the north.

Moon Hill

Moon HillNamed for the crescent shaped cave running through the moon, Moon Hill is one of the highlights in Yangshuo, eight kilometers (five miles) south of the town of Yangshuo. It is so named for a semi-circular hole that goes through the hill. The surrounding rural scenery is also very charming.

The hill has elevation of 380 meters; 230 meters in height and 410 meters in length. There are over 800 marble stairs direct to the cave. The stairs were completed in 1981, giving easy access to those who want to see the sights from the cave in depth. The cave is about 50 meters in height and width and is shaped like an archway...

West Street

West StreetThe street is dating back over 1,400 years. Yangshuo West Street was built in 590AD during the Sui Dynasty; the street has experienced much wind and rain, but is well preserved. Today, it still can reveal the resplendence of past days vividly. Yangshuo West Street is located in northeastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and 63 kilometers south of the capital city, Guilin. When you get off the Li River cruise ship at the dock in Yangshuo, you will see a long street in front of you. It is one of the earliest tourist attractions which are reputed as a "Scenic Spot on the National Level." West Street is the most prosperous area in Yangshuo; it attracts many visitors from home and abroad every year because of its unique culture and human sights.

Yu long river

Yu long riverThe beginning of longjinghe river drifting is Yanshui pond in the middle of Longjing River. The surface as quiet as the mirror, the water is so clear that you can see the fish at the bottom of river, the inverted image of green hill emerges in your eyesight. After you take on the red life jacket and sit in the red rubber boat, you can paddle leisurely, in such light-hearted environment, the mood is comfortable. Before you drifting in the river, the guide will tell you the current is rapid, the riverbed is narrow and the steep beach, all these simulative obstacle will let you feel stirring and aware of a challenging battle is near .The guide will tell you the attentive problem: both hands grasp the two handle of rubber boat, your arm don't beyond the edge of rubber boat, sitting in the middle of boat, keep your balance, composed and calm, mutually cooperate, go well up to bridle.

Crown Cave

Crown CaveCrown Cave, located in Caoping Village, in southern suburbs of Guilin Grassland Town, 29km south of Guilin city, which is one of the most famous tourist spots along Li River. The cave was given name as it resembles a crown. For hundreds of years, crown cave stand on the bank of the Li River, has attracted numerous poets, scholars and other people. The landscape around the cave is excellent and the inside world of the cave is beautiful and unique. Crown cave has a splendid gate facing Li River and the cave stream enters into Li River. The cave is divided into four caves; they are connecting with each other. From the layout of cave, it appears spacious and brightly, because there are stalagmite and stalactite covered in the top of the outer cave. From the outside one can have a full view of the hanging stalactite, with purple mist which makes a poetic charm in this cave.

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