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Yu long river

Yu Long riverThe beginning of longjinghe river drifting is Yanshui pond in the middle of Longjing River. The surface as quiet as the mirror, the water is so clear that you can see the fish at the bottom of river, the inverted image of green hill emerges in your eyesight. After you take on the red life jacket and sit in the red rubber boat, you can paddle leisurely, in such light-hearted environment, the mood is comfortable. Before you drifting in the river, the guide will tell you the current is rapid, the riverbed is narrow and the steep beach, all these simulative obstacle will let you feel stirring and aware of a challenging battle is near .The guide will tell you the attentive problem: both hands grasp the two handle of rubber boat, your arm don't beyond the edge of rubber boat, sitting in the middle of boat, keep your balance, composed and calm, mutually cooperate , go well up to bridle.

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