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Li River

The Li River (Lijiang) scenic area, totaling 83 km. in length, is situated in Guilin City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Hanyu vividly described the enchanting beauty of the Lijiang River in his poem: The River looks like a blue silk ribbon, and the mountains resemble emerald hairpins."

Li RiverThe Li River is famous for its beauty of four unique: verdant mountains, fragrant waters, mysterious grottoes, and exquisite rocks. Along the river, there are deep pools, dangerous shoals, murmuring springs, and roaring waterfalls. Going downstream in a tourist boat, one can enjoy spectacular views of crowded towering peaks along the riverbanks, waterfalls suspending over forests of rocks, and their crashing sprays upon jutting rocks. What one marvels at most is the Picture Cliff. It's endowed by nature's uncanny workmanship, with a smooth flat surface. Seen from a distant boat, due to the interplay of various shades of brilliant colors upon it, the surface looked as if painted with a picture of faintly discernible 9 houses. On the crest of the peak, poised a colossal "steed", rearing its head and neighing, while by its side two "Colts" were grazing. One can see "The Avant-garde Horse" on the summit of Yuwei Peak and "The Horse Falling Behind" on Mahuang Mountain.

The Lijiang River brimming with crystal-clear waters twists and turns between magnificent and beautiful mountains. Its banks are covered with lush bamboo and luxuriantly green woods. Luohan Mountain, Chaoban Mountain, Wuzhi Mountain and Luosi Mountain rise up from under the waters. What a splendid scenery they present.

Pagoda Hill

Pagoda Hill is located in the southern areas of Guilin on the western bank of The Li River and surrounded by Chuanshan Park. It was given name from the seven-story, hexagonal solid pagoda, which was built during the Tang Dynasty. The pagoda has called Longevity Buddha Pagoda (Shoufo Ta) since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Stone Buddha figurines are on display on the second floor. In autumn, the hill is very charming due to covered with red maples. Local people often come to here, because the hill is regarded as Worship Hill. It is highly reputed as its unique shape, though the hill is quite small. Many tourists come here to experience the unique reflection of the Hill in the Lijiang River and Xiaodong River.

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