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Moon Hill

Named for the crescent shaped cave running through the moon, Moon Hill is one of the highlights in Yangshuo, eight kilometers (five miles) south of the town of Yangshuo. It is so named for a semi-circular hole that goes through the hill. The surrounding rural scenery is also very charming.

Moon HillThe hill has elevation of 380 meters; 230 meters in height and 410 meters in length. There are over 800 marble stairs direct to the cave. The stairs were completed in 1981, giving easy access to those who want to see the sights from the cave in depth. The cave is about 50 meters in height and width and is shaped like an archway. A series of caves have been opened up not far from Moon Hill: the Black Buddha Cave, New Water Caves and Dragon Cave. If you go to Moon Hill, you will undoubtedly be interested in these caves. When you admire the moon sights, based on your different places, you can see different shapes, sometimes full moon, sometimes half-moon and sometimes crescent, forming a marvelous spectacle in Yangshuo. Even you can think about other things. When you look around from the hill, you will get the whole view of the surrounding area, the mountains, rivers, fields and peasant houses, all of which make it quite wonderful.

Moon hill is usually part of day's sightseeing. You can ride a bicycle through smaller villages to get to Moon hill. There are many routes that you cam take to get to Moon Hill. Except a concrete tourist path, Moon Hill has several rock climbing routes, the first of which was climbed by Todd Skinner in the 1990s. Some people often like to use ropes to climb moon hill in order to keep a healthy and take a risk to experience adventure.

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