Guiyang Travel Guide

Guiyang City, Guiyang Travel GuideGuiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province, and its political, cultural and economic center. Guiyang has an abundant with the natural resources and travel resources. There are many interesting places in the urban area, such as Wenchang Tower, Yangming Temple and Hebin Park. Besides, there are several parks surrounding the urban area, especially Guiyang Forest Park and Qianling Park. In the suburb area of Guiyang, Huaxi Park and Tianhe Pool are also attracted for many tourists. As for local people, they often come to these wonderful places to spend their weekends. In addition, Zhijin Cave and Huangguoshu Waterfalls are very famous in China. Guiyang isn't only an ideal city for vacation but also it is an integral place as recreation, fishing and family-based tourism activity.

Guiyang lies between 106.7 to 107.17' east longitude and 26.1' to 27.22' north latitude with the altitude of 1,000 meters. It belongs to subtropical climate area, which has no hot summer and cold winter. Its annual average temperature is about 15.3℃. All the year round, its highest temperature is in July, which is about 24℃, and the lowest is in January, which is about 4.6℃. So there is not hot scorching sun and cold ice water in Guiyang. There is an old saying that the city does not have 'three consecutive day of sun', which vividly describe the varying weather conditions here. Moreover, the comfortable temperature in Guiyang is suit for vacation. More and more visitors are look forward to coming here. Since Guiyang has a good reputation for its beautiful scenery, and special advantages. Recently, since the opening and reforming policies of Guiyang, tourism industry has become a very splendor point in Guizhou Province.

Guiyang People

Guiyang Buyi People, Guiyang Travel GuideGuiyang has a population of 3.31 millions, among which the Han nationality takes 86 percent. There are 37 minority nationalities in Guiyang and the bulks are the Miao and Buyi people that take 77 percent of the total. Different minorities have different features and customs. Therefore, Guiyang forms a typical area with different culture characteristic. For the sake of this reason, many domestic tourists and westerns choose to Guiyang as their ideal recreation place. Guiyang's Tourism Development Plans in the Near Future

Guiyang's Tourism Development Plans in the Near Future

Guiyang endeavors to develop it tourism industry in the near future. It decides to continue to strengthen its key role in the whole provincial tourism industry and aims at developing Guiyang into one of the first class destinations in China. The local transportations, hotel accommodations, entertainments and shopping facilities will be largely improved. Also the ethnic minority villages and ancient towns will be developed and new tourist areas such as Kaiyang, Huaxi will be exploited to attract more and more tourists. The government will try its efforts in improve the service conditions and accessibility of its available tourist attractions to meet the needs of more and more international tourists. The governmental management of tourism market will also be strengthened as to provide a more agreeable environment for tourists. It is predicted that by 2010 Guiyang will receive 15 million domestic arrivals and 135 thousand overseas travelers, and will earn a total of foreign exchanges of 40 million US dollars.

Guiyang History

Guiyang Jiaxiulou, Guiyang Travel GuideAs early as in the period of Warring States, it was subordinate to Yelang Kingdom and then to Zangke Prefecture in the period of Han dynasties. During the period of the Tang Dynasty, Guiyang was subordinate to Ju Autonomous Prefecture. In the period of the Song Dynasty, Guiyang was called Guizhou. In the 17th year of Zhiyuan Reign of the Yuan Dynasty (1280), a Consoling Protocol Department of Shunyuanlu was set up and then replaced 'consoling' to be 'comforting' in the next year. In the year of 1283, a Protocol Department of commanding official was set up to administrate Shunyuanlu which was originally subordinate to Sichuan Province and then to Huguang Province. In the year of 1292, Comforting Protocol Departments of Shunyuan and Bafan were combined as a whole, and a Bafan-Shunyuan Protocol Department was set up with its marshal mansion house in Shunyuan City (that is the Guiyang City at present). In the 11th year of Yongle Reign of the Ming Dynasty (1413), a Protocol Department of Political Deputy was set up, Guizhou was set up as a province and Guiyang became the center of policy, military, economics and culture.

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