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Liyuan Garden

Liyuan Garden - Wuxi Travel GuideLiyuan Garden, one famous garden, located at the Lihu Lake. The name of Lihu Lake originated from the story of the senior official Fan Li and the beauty Xi Shi in Yue State in the times of Spring and Autumn. Liyuan Garden, with its pavilions, corridors, and causeways at the lake side, is exquisitely designed and harmonious in color. Its manmade hills were erected to resemble the shapes of clouds. They are ascended along spiraling, labyrinthine paths. In the garden are the 1,000-step verandah, Pavilion of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and Baojie Bridge which is 375 meters long and connects Liyuan Garden and Turtle Head Islet. The water encircled by the land decorates the spots, long hall is tortuous artificial hills is in length and breadth, small bridge hung up is like a rainbow, Four-seasons Pavilion, Long Hall with thousands of steps, Pavilion in the center of the lake, Ningchun Tower , Spring-Autumn Pavilion, Double-rainbow Garden and so on.

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