Wuxi Useful Contact

Area Code: 0510

Emergency Numbers
110Police: 110
119Fire: 119
114Telephone Numbers: 114
121Weather: 121
120Municipal First-Aid Center: 120

Tourists Complaint Hotline: 2728218/5052599
Local Tourist Administration Bureau: 5052576
Tourist Service Hotline: 4016081

Wuxi People's Hospital: 2402084
Wuxi No.2 Hospital: 3311120
Wuxi Red Cross Hospital: 2726119
Wuxi Commercial Hospital: 2705272
Wuxi No.1 Hospital: 2700778

Railway Inquiry: 2301217
Flight Inquiry: 5805980
Taxi Service Complain: 2812744
Boat Inquiry: 5865950

Post & Telecommunication
Wuxi Post Office: 2729229
Complain Hotline: 180
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
EMS: 185
Telecom Service: 189

Banks & Credit Card
Bank of China: 2705888

Custom Wuxi Tours

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