Wuxi Nightlife

Theatres & Concerts

Wuxi Grand Theatre, Wuxi Travel GuideWuxi Grand Theatre
Add: Renmin W. Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2724680
Description: Shows local opera; busiest during the weekend.
Open: 8pm-10pm

Dazhong Theatre
Add: 90 Renmin Middle Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2723174
Open: 8pm-10pm


Wuxi 1/2 Bar
Add: Tonghui E. Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2621577
Description: Covering an area of 400 square meters, it was designed by a New Zealand architect and boasts one of the few professional bars in Wuxi.
Open: 10am-10pm

Tianle Teahouse, Wuxi Travel GuideTianle Teahouse
Add: Changjiang N. Rd. Wuxi
Tel: +86 0510 5213084
Description: Located downtown, you can enjoy the scenery of Wuxi while sipping tea.
Open: 9am-11pm

Bifuyi Cafe
Add: 6th floor, Babaiban Shopping Mall, Zhongshan. Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2726688-869
Open: 9am-midnight

Yuxian Teahouse
Add: 89-1 Houxixi
Tel: +86 0510 2707575
Open: 10am-11pm
Description: Nice and quiet surroundings, good service and reasonable price.

Shangdao Cafe
Add: 28 Jiankang Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2737131
Open: 10am-10pm
Description: This national chain serves authentic Italian coffee.


Jiefang Cinema
Add: 65 Wuqiao E. Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2616694
Open: 9am-10pm
Description: One of the oldest cinemas in Wuxi, but recently renovated.

Oscar Cinema
Add: Renmin W. Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2739834
Description: The largest cinema in Wuxi.
Open: 9am-11pm

Mediterranean Fitness Center
Add: 506 Wu'ai Rd. Wuxi
Tel: +86 0510 2704547
Open: 11am-10pm

Happy World Amusement Center
Add: 7th floor, Babaiban Shopping Mall, Zhongshan. Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2733124
Description: This is the largest and one of the most popular places where locals enjoy nightlife. It is equipped with many amusement facilities, such as billiards, an Internet cafe, roller-skating, karaoke, sauna, massage, etc.
Open: 5am-midnight.

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