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Wuxi Shopping

Wuxi has many well-known products popular with tourists: clay figurines, dark red earthen tea sets from Yixing, freshwater pearls, silk embroidery and porcelain cooking utensils.

Wuxi Trade Mansion Group Co. Ltd.
Add: 343 Zhongshan Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2700978
Description: This is the largest retail enterprise in the city, with a business area of 40,000 square meters, selling 100,000 kinds of commodities.
Open Hour: 9am-6pm

Wuxi Shopping, Wuxi Travel GuideHuishan Clay Figurine Factory
Add: 168 Zhongshan Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 3703216
Description: Manufactures and sells Wuxi's traditional clay figurines.
Open Hour: 9am-6pm

Wuxi Yaohan Co. Ltd.
Add: 168 Zhongshan Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2726688
Description: Retails general merchandise, knitwear, textiles, garments, crafts, furniture, etc.
Open Hour: 9am-8pm

Hubin Hotel
Add: 388 Liyuan Garden, Rubin Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 5101888
Open Hour: 8am-10pm

Wuxi Hotel
Add: 1 Liangqing Rd. Wuxi
Tel: +86 0510 5806789
Description: Mainly sells traditional Chinese paintings, writing brushes, ink sticks, paper, ink slabs and some local handicrafts.
Open Hour: 8am-10pm

No.1 Department Store
Add: 8 Beida St.
Tel: +86 0510 2301818
Description: One of the oldest department stores in Wuxi.
Open Hour: 9am-8: 30pm

Wuxi Shopping, Wuxi Travel GuideWuxi Babaiban Supermarket
Add: 168 Zhongshan Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2726688
Description: One of the largest and most popular shopping centers in Wuxi.
Open Hour: 9am-9pm

Wuxi New World Shopping Mall
Add: 319-339 Zhongshan Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2702288
Description: Covering an area of 16,000 square meters, it offers a nice place for shopping, amusement and relaxation.
Open Hour: 9am-9pm

Tianhui Supermarket
Add: 2 Huaigu Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2822985
Open Hour: 9am-8: 30pm

Yong'an Supermarket
Add: Gongyi Rd.
Tel: +86 0510 2303525
Open Hour: 9am-9pm

In the downtown area, Zhongshan Road is the busiest commercial street of Wuxi, with many shopping centers and markets selling local specialties.

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