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Liyuan Garden
Liyuan Garden - Wuxi AttractionsLiyuan Garden, one famous garden, located at the Lihu Lake. The name of Lihu Lake originated from the story of the senior official Fan Li and the beauty Xi Shi in Yue State in the times of Spring and Autumn. Liyuan Garden, with its pavilions, corridors, and causeways at the lake side, is exquisitely designed and harmonious in color. Its manmade hills were erected to resemble the shapes of clouds. They are ascended along spiraling, labyrinthine paths. In the garden are the 1,000-step verandah, Pavilion of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and Baojie Bridge which is 375 meters long and connects Liyuan Garden and Turtle Head Islet.

Lingshan Great Buddha
Lingshan Great Buddha - Wuxi AttractionsThe largest statue of the Buddha in the world, this bronze colossus stands 88 meters tall; its lotus flower pedestal brings the entire structure to over 100 meters. The statue was built only several years ago, but has already become a major tourist destination. The Buddha stands on the side of a hill, facing lake Taihu. Under the Buddha, there are a series of stele sculptured of picture about Xiaoling hill's history, Number one tripod in China , Buddha museum , Ten-Thousands-Buddha hall, and so on ."Heavenly hill, heavenly area, clever people, the heart can bring completing of Buddha , pure water, pure sky, pure soil, Elysium are in here".

Xihui Park
Xihui Park - Wuxi AttractionsLocated in the west of Wax City, Xihui Park is a big scenic area gathered hills and forests, cultural relics and comfortable leisure and amusement. Yingshan Lake lies between the Huishan Hill and Xishan Hill. Xihui Park has tourist area of 687mu and can host 2,000,000 domestic and foreign tourists annually. This park enjoys high reputation for large quantity of historical sites, quiet temples and casual amusement. There are eighteen major historical and cultural sites understate, provincial or municipal protection, including No.2 Fountain under Heaven of Tang Dynasty, Jichang Park of Ming Dynasty, Foolish Old Man Valley, Chunshengjun Drinking Spot of the Spring & Autumn Period and the Warring State, Huanggong Ravine ect.

Turtle's Head Park
Turtle's Head Park - Wuxi AttractionsTaihu Lake is a national scenic area, The Turtle's Head Park is an island located in Wuxi. It's actually a small stone stretching into the Taihu Lake like a Turtle's head, hence the name, It is the top scene of Taihu Lake. The Turtle's Park is located in the most beautiful area of Taihu Lake. Green hills and clean water blending into the perfect natural appearance like a picture. Long time ago, many people were attracted by the beautiful scenery. In the period of "XiaoLiang", Guangfu temple which was one of temples of 480 in Nan Dynasty was built. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, rising tide in spring was arranged one of the eight spots in Wixi.

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