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Turtle's Head Park

Turtle's Head Park - Wuxi Travel GuideTaihu Lake is a national scenic area, The Turtle's Head Park is an island located in Wuxi. It's actually a small stone stretching into the Taihu Lake like a Turtle's head, hence the name, It is the top scene of Taihu Lake. The Turtle's Park is located in the most beautiful area of Taihu Lake. Green hills and clean water blending into the perfect natural appearance like a picture. Long time ago, many people were attracted by the beautiful scenery. In the period of "XiaoLiang", Guangfu temple which was one of temples of 480 in Nan Dynasty was built. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, rising tide in spring was arranged one of the eight spots in Wixi. In the middle of the 20 century, the scenic area became perfectly through designing and overall arrangement, covered 300 hectares. It has been a famous scenic spot of hills and water in the south. The main spots includes Chongshan Garden, Luding Hill, Yuantouzhu, Wanglang Bridge, Real Charms of Lake & Hills, 10-Li flowers Lane, Taihu Fairy Islets, Jiangnan Orchid Garden, Morning Fog in Donshan, Guangfu Temple and others. The natural scenery of long hills and wide water seems in a picture. Dining, accommodation shopping and entertainment are offered and the facilities are all in readiness.

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