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Yangjialing Village

Yan'an, the cradle of Chinese revolution, situated on the Loess Plateau in north of Shaanxi Province. Yan'an is a sacred revolutionary place in China for its splendid history. In 1935, the Red Army arrived at Yan'an after the most famous Long March. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chairman Mao made the office here and direct Chinese revolution here for almost 13 years, and won the great victories of the anti-Japanese war and liberation war.

Yangjialing VillageYangjialing which is about three kilometers northwest of Yan'an was the headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party. Many strategic guidelines and decisions had been made here by the top leaders of Communist Party since the beginning of Anti-Japanese War. Here the Seventh National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held from April 23 to June 11, 1945, which turned the new page of the modern Chinese revolutionary history. At the entrance is an auditorium with brick and wood structure. The building behind was the office of the Central Committee's General. Mao Zedong and other high-level leaders of the revolution lived on a small hill in the north. There also is an exhibition hall; the objects displayed here show the revolutionary activities of the communist leaders and the people in Yan'an. Therefore, Yangjialing Village is a very important politic center in Chinese history. It has great significant meaning for most Chinese.

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